Ewell Castle School Digital Archives

Welcome to the Ewell Castle School Archive.

A large proportion of the School's photographic archives are now available to view digitally online. Users can access copies of Ewellian School Magazines, as well as photographs and videos from the School's history. Please note that for copyright reasons the Digital Archive is for personal and private use only and must not be reproduced.

The archive currently includes:

  • A large number of Ewellian Magazines - the School magazine which has been produced most years since 1926;
  • A large number of whole School formal photographs ;
  • The World Ward II Memorial - listing all OEs who served in the armed forces and lost their lives between 1939-1945;
  • A number of sports team photographs;
  • A number of photographs of the School buildings;
  • A number of photographs of Ewell Castle when it was still a private home.

Instructions on how to use the Ewell Castle School Digital Archive can be downloaded here. There is no public access to this archive.

Donations to enable the archive to continue to expand

The digital archive has been set up by Ewell Castle School. Future development is dependent on further funding. If you have enjoyed using the archive please consider supporting the project by making a donation, which would allow us to scan and upload additional material which we cannot currently afford to add to the archive. Please contact Carol Hernandez at oldewellians@ewellcastle.co.uk if you would like to contribute material for the archive or make a donation.

Archive Terms and Conditions

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